Who made The Savvy Musician look so beautiful?

David Cutler insists that outstanding performance must be paired with stunning presentation to achieve maximum succuss. To achieve those ends, we set out to find artists who understood our vision and could make The Savvy Musician look like artwork. Please take a moment to meet these creative and essential contributors.

Ben Bullins working on statueBEN BULLINS - Photography & Sculpture

Benjamin Bullins is an award winning photographer and artist from New Orleans. He has been published in over 30 editorial magazines and newspapers, including some national media. As a photographer, Benjamin likes to incorporate texture and vibrant colors into his work. As an artist, he is especially interested in found objects which can be incorporated into art. Many of his pieces incorporate musical themes. He went above and beyond the call of duty when working on The Savvy Musician.

THE BOOK DESIGNERS - Cover & Interior Design

the Book Designers is a San Francisco based full-scale design studio specializing in the development of innovative solutions to book design challenges. Ian, Allan, and Usana all worked enthusiastically to make our book one of the nicest looking non-fiction titles on the market.


Justin Winslow has done web design for companies ranging from 5 employees to 20,000. As a bass player himself, he also specializes in web solutions for individual artists and musicians. Justin designed David Cutler's personal webpage as well: www.trunkmusic.org.


An inspiring book, with an education on every page. Classical music needs entrepreneurs, and this book shows artists how to succeed. 

Greg Sandow, veteran critic for the Wall Street Journal, blogger on the future of classical music