The savviest musicians make reading a regular part of their lifestyle, keeping up with current trends and developing or honing skills. The Savvy Musician Bookstore highlights only books directly beneficial to musicians.

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 The Savvy Musician Bookstore, operated through, offers the following features:

  1. Books listed are directly applicable and beneficial to musicians like you.
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  3. A small percentage of each sale (2-3%) made here is given by Amazon to The Savvy Musician. All proceeds earned are invested directly into making this website one of the most valuable resources on the web for musicians.

About the reviews:

TSM REVIEWS are rated on a 5 star system. In addition to the overall quality of the product, these ratings reflect how valuable it is to aspiring and professional musicians. Our reviews will not simply restate what other reviewers have written, but will describe the book's relevance to musicians.


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