Music Videos

While there are hundreds of thousands of great music performances captured on video, this page features musicians and musical creations that are unusual, innovative, humorous, or otherwise purple.

This page is meant to be fun! Perhaps a stress reliever or diversion at a late night bash! It also provides an opportunity to discover creative musicians. Let us know your submission requests (see selection criteria at page bottom). ENJOY!!!

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Artist: Mnozil Brass (TSM featured artist!)

Artist: Anderson and Roe Piano Due (TSM featured artist!)

Artist: Gilles Apap (TSM featured artist!)

Artist: Sherumann

Artist: Greg Pattillo (TSM featured artist!)

Artist: Ola Simonsson (film)

Video: Unknown (Mozart)

Artist: Igudesman & Joo

Artist: Linsey Pollak

Artist: Dan Pi

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Selection Criteria

In order for a music video to be represented here, it should:

  1. Be posted on YouTube.

  2. Feature musicians in some kind of unusual or innovative setting. 

  3. Be by an artist not yet represented in the collection. (One video per artist).

To submit a video (that meets these conditions) for possible inclusion, please let us know.