Praise for The Savvy Musician

Hands down, this is the most valuable resource available for the aspiring musician! It addresses all of the questions and concerns that the current generation of emerging artists faces in this ever changing profession. Cutler approaches his topic backed by thorough research in addition to a solid knowledge base that only a musician could have learned through his own experience.

   - Jeffrey Zeigler, Cellist, Kronos Quartet 

David Cutler has opened a floodgate of opportunity onto the music world! In an age when many say the arts are dying, he writes to musicians with authentic and accurate optimism. If you've ever wondered why someone else succeeds instead of you, read this book. Much more importantly, you will discover countless ways to make sure it's you that people are wondering about the next time! I loved The Savvy Musician, and know my students will love it too!

   - Jeff Nelsen, Hornist, Canadian Brass

The Savvy Musician is compulsory reading, relevant and valuable to anyone connected with the music business, regardless of avenue or experience level. All serious musicians must address the realities of the 'business aspect' as vigorously as they practice their instruments-the two simply go hand in hand. This text makes it quite clear that it's YOUR business and YOUR career. My advice: Not reading this book is an enormous risk.

   - Dame Evelyn Glennie, Solo percussionist, composer, Grammy Award Winner

The Savvy Musician is an adventure: critical concepts are explained in language that anyone can understand, but the side stories make it real. I found myself bouncing back and forth between the text and referenced websites. This book provides a blueprint for the new wave of musicians eager to understand the power of creating opportunities.

   - Kevin Woelfel, Director, Entrepreneurship Center for Music, University of Colorado at Boulder (2003-07)

Cutler well understands both the incredible power of music and the fact that our current collegiate music curricula, which attracts fine students to America from all over the world, do not adequately prepare young musicians for the challenges they face in the new millennium. The Savvy Musician represents a giant leap forward in this important domain. is its broad approach. Cutler paints a holistic picture of what it takes to prosper as a contemporary artist. His insistence that musicians look both inward and outward is progressive and needed.

   - Robert Freeman, Director, Eastman School of Music (1973-96)

The beauty of The Savvy Musician is its broad approach. Cutler paints a holistic picture of what it takes to prosper as a contemporary artist. His insistence that musicians look both inward and outward is progressive and needed.

   - Gary Beckman, Founder, Arts Entrepreneurship Educator's Network

Cutler's book reminds us that we have to bring audience members into the creative process.  Without fulfilling a real need, our art has little chance of success.  The Savvy Musician unveils a vision for a healthy musical future, articulating 99% of what we need to do. The missing percentage is YOU, the reader.

   - Ranaan Meyer, Bassist and composer, Time for Three

This is a fantastic book, and should be required reading for every music school student as well as their teachers, professors, and deans.  Cutler writes clearly and accessibly, and includes an impressive assortment of real world examples (with their web addresses!).  I plan on making The Savvy Musician a part of my conferences, seminars, and core curriculum. 

   - Michael Drapkin, Executive Director, Puerto Rico Conference on Music Entrepreneurship

The Savvy Musician is like having a professional consultant at your disposal for just about every aspect of your career, from preparing a photo shoot to setting up a nonprofit. As someone who spends the majority of his time consulting with musicians on how to best utilize the ArtistShare fan-funding model, I will definitely recommend this book to artists for learning about today's music business realities.

   - Brian Camelio, Founder and CEO, ArtistShare

Cutler succinctly outlines the skill sets necessary for the entrepreneurial musician to thrive in the 21st Century...A must read for any musician contemplating a career in music's new world order!

   - Dr. Robert Thompson, Kauffman Advisor, Entrepreneurship in Music Program, Eastman School of Music

Wow, I can't believe how much helpful information is packed into this book about a challenging career path-music! As a performer on an instrument that is unfamiliar to many, I know firsthand the importance of being savvy. The Savvy Musician will help you realize your dreams.

   - Wu Man, Pipa (Chinese lute-like instrument) virtuoso, principal member, Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project

Cutler furnishes a common-sense, resource-rich guide that'll help musicians turn their passions into profits. 

   - Peter Spellman, Director of Career Development, Berklee College of Music

As I read The Savvy Musician, I kept nodding my head "yes," and saying "that's right." I've been in this business for over 20 years, and each chapter affirmed my past, confirmed my present, and inspired my future. The world will be a better place if we all aspire to the goals set in this book-a new credo for musicians.

   - Kim Nazarian, Jazz vocalist, New York Voices, Grammy Award Winner

 An inspiring book, with an education on every page. The case studies alone are worth the price! Classical music needs entrepreneurs, and this book shows artists how to succeed.

   - Greg SandowVeteran critic for the Wall Street Journal, blogger on the future of classical music

The Savvy Musician is among the most comprehensive sources of self-help available for professional musicians and students. Cutler deals beautifully with every dimension of a musical career-visioning, missioning, marketing, financing, and most importantly, musicing-weaving them together in a well-presented mosaic.

   - Tayloe Harding, Dean, School of Music, University of South Carolina