Resource Center

The Internet is filled with incredible resources for savvy musicians.  Unfortunately, knowing where to find this information, or even becoming aware of what is available, can be a challenge.  The Savvy Musician Resource Center provides links to over 1000 helpful sites. Whether you need to locate a helpful book, great blog, funding source, or something else, begin your search here.

TSM Artistis.  Visit artists featured in The Savvy Musician.

Books.  This Amazon affiliate site features only books valuable to musicians!

Magazines. Great magazines for musicians.

Blogs.  Helpful blogs about and for musicians.

Organizations. Musical organizations and societies.

Agencies. Arts agencies in all 50 states, in additional to regional ones.

Camps.  Summer music festivals, camps, and retreats.

ColoniesArtist colonies open to musicians.

Jobs. Sites that maintain job databases for musicians.

Networking. Social networking and video sharing, including sites with active musical communities.

Funding. Funding sources for a variety of project types.

Free. All kinds of helpful and free business tools.

Favorites. Some of my favorite websites that I strongly encourage all musicians to visit regularly.

Cutler furnishes a common-sense, resource-rich guide that'll help musicians turn their passions into profits.

- Peter Spellman, author, The Musician's Internet and The Self-Promoting Musician